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Hire Top Accounting & Finance Talent, Fast

Spend Less Time Hiring, While Still Finding the Best Talent for Your Team.

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Accounting & Finance Leaders:

4 Reasons to Partner with Acctal

See Only the Very Best Candidates

Some contingent recruiters will send you more candidates, but more isn’t always better. Too many unqualified candidates is overwhelming, and wastes your valuable time. We only send you the top candidates after a rigorous screening process.

Don’t Get Buried Under a Pile of Resumes

Spend less time hiring, while still finding the highest quality talent for your team. Let our experienced accounting/finance professionals handle the time consuming job of reviewing hundreds of resumes and conducting initial screens. So you only spend your valuable time with the very best candidates.

Get Help from Experienced Accounting & Finance Professionals

We know what you need, and how to find it. Partner with someone with real world Accounting & Finance experience. Each candidate is screened by an industry professional to create a full Candidate Summary for your review for quick and easy decision making.

Access Top Talent with Modern Candidate Sourcing

Traditional recruiting methods have their place (and we use them all), but the modern job search is more than cold calling random people from job boards and LinkedIn searches.

While other recruiters are getting their cold calls ignored, we harness the power of digital advertising and educational marketing to identify and connect with highly qualified passive candidates. So you can hire them before anyone else knows they’re on the market.


for Accounting & Finance Leaders

Let’s face it, hiring is tough!
At Acctal we’re here to help with tools and advice at every step of the process.